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October Glory Maple Acer rubrum 'October Glory' A very fast-growing Red Maple cultivar. This ever-popular maple should be considered as a beautiful shade tree addition to any yard. Glistening dark green leaves in spring, summer. A cultivar of Acer rubrum, the Acer rubrum 'October Glory' is a well structured tree that is adaptive to a wide range of soil and climatic conditions. The uniform growth habit and superb autumn colour of the Acer rubrum 'October.

Acer rubrum October Glory Common Name: October Glory Lipstick Maple Description: The most popular of the Lipstick range of maples. A very beautiful, deciduous tree with a rather upright habit. Leaves tend to stay on the tree. Acer rubrum 'October Glory' is most popular for its vibrant autumn colour. The attractive, glossy 3-lobed foliage is dark-green with a slightly blueish hue in the spring and summer, then turns shocking shades of scarlet red, orange and. Acer rubrum 'October Glory': 'October Glory' Red Maple 1 Edward F. Gilman and Dennis G. Watson 2 Introduction This cultivar of red maple has an oval to rounded shape and is a fast grower with strong wood, reaching a height of. October Glory Lipstick Maple is an ideal specimen tree.This tree serves as a great source for shade and provides stunning autumn colour. Acer rubrum – October Glory Lipstick Maple This is one of three varieties of Lipstick Maple.

OCTOBER GLORY MAPLE Acer rubrum 'October Glory' Plant Description Deciduous, upright form tree known for it's dramatic bright red and orange fall color. Bloom period in the fall is rather short, but impressive. Often used as. If someone asked Grumpy to name one tree that absolutely guaranteed glorious fall foliage in the South, it would have to be 'October Glory' red maple Acer rubrum 'October Glory'. Although its name says "October," it turns color.

Acer rubrum October Glory is a patented variety that was named in the US in 1961 having been introduced by the now closed Princeton Nursery. It is a female clone which produces a medium sized tree with an oval crown at. This is a 7 yr old October Glory in the Bay Area CA. I call it my November Glory since it doesn't turn red until November. In years 3-4, consider trimming off the lower branches if they seem too heavy and make the tree look bushy. October Glory Red Maple trees are majestic shade trees and very colorful, especially when the intense bright orange-red fall foliage arrives. This eastern North American native botanical name is Acer rubrum, and this cultivar retains its.

Gorgeous big pyramidal form tree for big spaces. Stunning autumn colour from large deep green leaves, turning red and orange for autumn colourings. October Glory is quick growing and is excellent as an avenue tree or, shallow root.

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